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"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."
-Mohandas Gandhi

Benjamin Franklin photo"Wars are not paid for in wartime, the bill comes later."
-Benjamin Franklin



Global Politics is a site that provides a comprehensive directory of world governments, as well as information about issues that influence political activity. An additional purpose of this site is to shed light on how technology is changing how populations receive and interpret political messages.

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Technology and Politics

Flags: the rights to this image were purchased on iStockphoto.comTechnology plays an increasingly important role in the development of new political campaigns, and in the maintenance of party agendas.  Despite the abundance of avenues that strategists now have to promote their messages, they still face challenges pertaining to audience perception, context, and in determining what technologies best suit their agendas.  The following links lead to resources that discuss some of the complex issues involving technology and politics:

"Politics and Technology" (Politech)
"Information Technology and Politics" (American Political Science Association)



Business and Politics

The relationship between business and politics is probably as old as the first business exchange. Money [or goods] is involved in all aspects of politics, from providing opportunity, to communicating messages, to building infrastructure. The decisions that effect the use of resources create much of the drama in politics. The following sites contain information about the relationship between business and politics:

Business and Politics Journal (Berkeley Press)
Business Consulting Dallas


International Issues

The following links contain discussion about issues of importance to the world community:

Columbia International Affairs Online


Diverse Political Sites

C-SPAN's Resource Links
Political Heroes


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Financial Sites

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