Have You Seen Those New 360 Cams?

I really need to look into getting a 360 camera. They look super fun!

It is going to be interesting to see how these cameras influence things like film-making, vlogging, photography and other aspects of filming. I am already seeing this on Youtube.

I was doing some research and found a few good resources to help me.  I was quite surprised on how affordable some of these are.  I may have to pick one up soon and see what I can create with it.

Best 360 Cameras 2017 – Buyer’s Guide – TechAbrel

It is very interesting to see where things are going in the world of photography. As we get more and more into immersing our technology with the real world, things like a good 360 camera are soon becoming more popular. This is where some confusion may lie: How Do We Choose The Leading 360 Cam For Our Needs?


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