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Here is a collection of links that point to sites that focus on political or editorial cartoons or political humor. The subject of political cartoons is fascinating because the artifacts commonly seek to entertain and to persuade. Inclusion of a link does not indicate endorsement. Please contact us if you find broken links.


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Information About Political Cartoons

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists: "...a professional association concerned with promoting the interests of staff, freelance and student editorial cartoonists in the United States."

The British Cartoon Archive: An archive dedicated to the history of British cartooning over the last two hundred years.

CNN: Bob Lang & Bill Mitchell

CNN: Mike Mikula

"Conservative Cartoons": Cartoonist Jim Huber "takes aim" at liberals.

Dr. Seuss Went to War: A collection of political cartoons created by the well-known author of books for children. Hosted on the University of California, San Diego site.

Editorial Cartoon: Wikipedia's coverage of the history of the editorial cartoon.

Editorial Cartoons on World Affairs: This site offers various means of acquiring political cartoons for a variety of uses.

Introduction to American Political Cartoons: An informative site by Dr. Paul Parker of Truman State University.

MSNBC's Pro Cartoonists Index: A directory of professional cartoonists from around the world.

New York Times Cartoons: Links to the current cartoons that are printed in the newspaper

Steps to Analyzing a Political Cartoon: A resource posted on the Towson University Web site.

A History of American Political Cartoons: A resource from (thanks Maddy).

Resources for Teachers

Political/Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom: An extensive collection of resources for class instruction (mostly in English; some resources are in German).

Teacher's Guide for Studying Political Cartoons: Daily lesson plans for teachers.




Related Resources

Funny Political Videos & Animation: A list of resources from




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