I love These Vintage Microphones

Since I am a singer and do some recording here and there, I have been looking at different vintage microphones.  I feel like each of them will give a slightly different tone in the final recording of my voice.

I love how some of them look too!  I wish they still made them like this.

Here are some of the top microphones in my wish list right now.

vintage Microphone Gallery

No Description

RCA Type 77-DX

Description The RCA Type 77-DX Poly-directional Microphones MI-4045-F and MI-11006-C are high-fidelity micro­phones of the ribbon type which may easily be adjusted to obtain a variety of directional patterns. Since the MI-4045-F micro­phone is primarily intended for broadcast use, it is finished in satin chrome and a low-gloss umber-gray enamel.

Turner Model 77

Turner 77 microphone


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